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Coal Dust Briquette, Bio Coal Briquettes, Biomass Briquettes Material and much more can be availed from us, of most commendable quality at respectively nominal prices...

About Us

Urja Vikalp Briquette, is a name which simply excels in the markets by serving customers a wide range of Briquettes of different materials. The confidence we gained to announce the foretold statement is earned by consistently working hard and staying true to the commitments we make. Working as a Manufacturer, we have never disappointed our clients whenever they have contacted us for our products. No matter if it is the quality of our products or the quantity or its variety, whatever our clients required from us is accordingly offered to them. We have maintained a large variety in our ambit of products, which comprises Bio Coal Briquettes, Coal Dust Briquette, Bio Fuel Briquette and a lot more. The foretold offerings go through strict quality checks and are always tested prior to dispatch so that our customers will receive the products which will only earn their praise.

Reasons to Choose our Company

We distinguish ourselves from a large number of business entities when it comes to serving customers the best quality products and treating them in most ethical manner. So far, we have never compromised with even a little factor which might bring disgrace to our name. We in this time span of more than a decade have become a priority to deal with in the markets and have never failed to earn the contentment of customers. Some of the factors are mentioned below, on the basis of which we are more prioritized for dealings:-
  • We have maintained a large variety in our portfolio of products.
  • We are well capable to fulfill the needs of clients and never step back from following a qualitative approach
  • We offer several mode of payments so that customers do not face any hassles during transaction.
A Mindset Full of Positivity

The more we achieve in this industry the more we get motivated to grow ourselves and further win more. It is always this positive attitude of ours which helps us in standing strong at times when any obstacle comes to our way. This positivity in our mindset is never diminished, as it is the only factor which leads us towards giving our best efforts for attaining the milestones and further makes us move at a good pace in this industry.

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